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SITA Isle of Man is a wholly owned subsidiary of SITA, Europe's largest waste management company.

In October 2006, SITA Cornwall Ltd was awarded a 30-year contract to manage waste in the county. This was the culmination of a three year period in which Cornwall County Council researched different solutions for managing waste and held discussions with seven bidders.

When SITA Cornwall took over the running of the contract, three companies merged under the SITA Cornwall umbrella. These were Sid Knowles Waste, Cornwall Paper Company and County Environmental Services.

Working in partnership with Cornwall Council and the locally based non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who share our aims, we are bringing an innovative solution to the management of waste. New investment and services mean we can boost recycling, composting and re-use and reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.

We follow the waste hierarchy, putting reducing, reusing and recycling ahead of treatment and disposal. For waste that can not be recycled we will recover energy to power thousands of homes.

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