Our helpdesk team answers more than 500 questions each month. Here are some of the most frequently asked:

1. When can I visit one of the household waste recycling centres (HWRC)?

In our recycling section there's everything you need to know about our HWRCs, including opening times.

2. Can I use my work van to take waste to an HWRC?

Cornwall Council have recently introduced a permit scheme for commercial vehicles, such as vans and vehicles with trailers, at household waste recycling centres. The scheme is designed to ensure that residents can use their own vehicles to visit the sites, whilst deterring unlawful use by traders. A permit will be required for commercial type vehicles. Vehicles designed to carry people, i.e. with both seats and windows, will not require a permit. To apply for a permit or check whether you require one, please visit the Council's website at http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastepermit

3. Is there a limit to the amount of waste I can bring to the HWRC?

Yes, there is a limit of a quarter of a tonne per day.

4. What type of waste can I take to the HWRC?

This depends on the individual HWRC. Please see our recycling section.

5. Where can I donate furniture for re-use?

To donate furniture and many other household items see our re-use section.

6. Where can I purchase re-use items?

All the reusable items are passed on to Recycling West Country. They have retail outlets in Liskeard and Hayle. Please see our re-use section for more details.

7. Where can I get more recycling bags from?

You can collect recycling bags from local Council offices and one-stop shops.  Alternatively, please contact our helpdesk on 08456 300 300.

Further questions

If you have any further questions, please contact our helpdesk.

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